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You could buy Cheapest poe currency

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Skill Gem System
The core of action adventure games always revolves around two things: refreshing and powerful skills and all kinds of expensive treasures. In the path of exile, skills are no longer tied to professions, and skills have become an item POE Orbs embedded in equipment slots will give players the ability to use this skill.
A large number of auxiliary gems can further strengthen these skills. You can enhance your fireball to bounce between enemies, or cast multiple scattered fireballs at once. A skill is strengthened by up to five auxiliary skills at the same time, and the rich skill gem combination brings a completely different experience.
Because the grade and experience of gems are independent and some gems are difficult to obtain, they are very valuable in the trading market.
Talent system
The most impressive thing about the road to exile is its huge talent system. 1384 talent points are connected to each other and universal for all professions. Depending on the class chosen by the player, the starting point for talent is slightly different. Players can choose talents that are closer to the starting point of the career, or talents in other professional blocks to combine powerful talents that belong to their own style.
In the talent system, there are several "core talents" walking in every corner. The choice of these "core talents" will change the direction of the player genre.

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