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Bought 2 gold runs from them, Jade + Brewery, They completed them both under 30-45 minutes! ****ing A++ service right there!


the most professionally guys that i have know i bought 2 gold run that i need to finish my Conqueror Gold and they do that in only 1 hour with a very nice time. If i need other in the future i'll contact you Sorry for my bad english


I just finished getting my 9/9 challenge modes gold done with them, they had the group ready & going within a few hours, and less than 3 hours later they were done with the 7 CMs I had bought. They were not only super quick and professional, but also very friendly! Communication was excellent as well. There's absolutely nothing negative about them, the service is just absolutely amazing. Can only recommend this to everyone!


Just did a 10 normal HOF, Valuts and Terrace with these guys, clean run as always :)


I highly recommend these folks to anyone who will be reading this thread and thinking to buy! They are team of professionals who are discreet and trusted.


hey Guys!

just wanted to let you know that THIS is by far the best Service u will ever get!

from the first moment - contact via skype i felt totally secure.

very very nice contact, he did take the time to answer all of my questions! and i had many lol

but he was always nice to me!

i had to pay when i was already in group standing infront of the raid...what more to feel save ;-)

they guided me through all achievements so just wasnt possible something could go wrong!


im so happy with my new Corrupted Fire Hawk!

Thank u guys! i will always come back to you, never again have to search elsewhere!

im impressed!


Greatest service I ever used. Very nice contact, quick & professional.

I love you guys


It took only 2:30 hours from the moment I gave them my authenticator code until they told me it was done. Flawless. Reliable and friendly.

(Also, after this service I have found out that my cancer was healed and hair began growing on my receding hairline!)

Use this service if you can afford the cash. No need to schedule runs with lazy guildies, wipe, stress and facepalm.


Bought boost for 3 challenge mode dungeons. The whole process was extreamly fast and the representative was very helpful and had me constantly updated. He told me when they started and finished a dungeon.

I also had forgot to buy pots and flasks before the run and he asked me if it was ok if he bought some. I really appriciate for asking and stuff!


10/10 would defenetly buy again!


Bought boost on 9/9 Challenge mode Gold, Perfect, extremely fast and extremely friendly, during the process i've received continuous update on boost progress via skype.

Very recommended !!


Bought a gold run from them took about 2-3 hours. Definitely the fastest and safest service i ever had


Best boosting service ever. They did everything as promised. I have the armor, the title and the mount. Without this guys I couldnt have goten this achievemnts. They rock and I recomend them to anyone who wants to get this.


You rock guys, keep up the good work.


Very solid and quick 9/9 CM boosts.




Thank you so much for the amazing boost guys 9/9 challenge mode all gold in about 2 hours . Keep it up !


Hello all,


I recently purchased a 9/9 boost from these guys and allow me to say, they are trustworthy and extremely professional.




Upon browsing these forums I stumbled upon these guys. I thought to myself, why not? I would love to sport this incredible gear, mount and achievement points. I immediately contacted them via e-mail on the address they provided on the first page.


I asked them quite a few questions and to my surprise I received a reply literally a few minutes later with their answers in detail. I started thinking this must be legit, otherwise why would they be answering in such detail? we spoke for a while longer via emails and I dropped the bomb on them: "please provide armory links to the people boosting me". They sent me a detailed reply stating who the tank would be, the healer and their dps team. I immediately checked their armories. Over 600 gold runs between them, all the characters in the same guild and with similar pve achievements which lowered my fears of being scammed to almost non-existant.




We proceeded in chatting through skype. The person who was talking to me had a near-perfect usage of the english language. Now, most of you will call me racist and all that. No, I am not racist. Unfortunately every WoW player (veteran or new) knows that if you get scammed it will most likely be from people who do not speak great english (I am refering to their accent and orthographe). The flow of the conversation was subtle and straight to the point. He told me that he would contact his boosting team and let me know when we could arrange the boost. A few hours later they proposed a date to which I had to refuse due to work. I asked them if it would be possible to do it on a very specific date and on an unusual time. To my surprise he managed to arrange the boost to the date and time of my preference 1 day after the initial contact. So, I contact them one day, I get my boost the following day! Great timing, a little luck perhaps and above all, a professional service.




As they state in their advertisment, payment could be done in several ways. As I do not own a paypal account I had to just make a transfer using my visa. I told them I would not pay them unless I first get invited to the group which will be boosting me, cross-reference the players with the armory links I was provided and have a stream up and running. I got all that and more! Five minutes before the boost (which took place exaclty on the time we had set, (so no running late or anything) they invite me to the group and give me a stream where I could see a player from the group in real time. I proceeded to paying them. The payment went through without a hassle and I gave them my credentials in order to log into my account. In my case, the guy streaming played my character which was a great relief as I could see what they were doing the whole time. As my authenticator had desynced a few months ago when they tried to log my account automatically blocked. That scared me shitless but it was explained to me that this happens when your account has no authenticator. I changed my password (via a link I was automatically sent by blizzard, gave them the new password and it worked perfectly). The guy playing my account spent no more than fifteen minutes changing keybinds and spec. They politely asked me if it would be ok to change specs and glyphs to which I obviously agreed. Keybinds ready, spec ready and consumables ready - the boost begins.




What an experience! After all my fears for getting scammed had vanished, I proceeded into rolling a big fat one, sat on the couch with my gf and enjoyed every second of it. Unbelieavable speed and skill. Not only did they provide the service I payed them for but I also got the record times for my server. There was only a small hickup. The tank started disconnecting. **** - I thought. I really wanted this to be over and resume control of my account! Not a second later I get contacted via skype (the contact was ongoing throughout the boost) saying the tank has connection problems and that if He is unable to continue they have another tank benched and ready to join. I couldn't believe how cool these guys are. Heroic by heroic, challenge mode by challenge mode the whole thing took just a little more than 3 hours.




I will DEFINETLY be purchasing these guys's services again in the near future. I am currently leveling a monk and would love the challenge mode set on it too.


P.S: A big thank you to the all of you guys and especially the guy playing my character as he had no problem copy/pasting stuff in my gchat when people started wondering how the hell I am managing all this!


Received a boost from them last night 9/9 CM, they did it a bit over 3 hours. For anyone who is skeptical about their services, they are the real deal. Pure skill, fast, awesome support, job done! Will definitely be buying future boosts from them again! Thanks again guys!!


Got a 9/9 Gold CM boost. The run went really good and smooth and was complete within 3 hours. The communication was good also, even had a chance to view the runs via stream (good quality).

Had no problems with account sharing, you can trust them for sure.

I'd really recommend these guys if you're looking for quick and smooth cm golds or other pve boosts!

Thanks again and looking forward to play with You again!



Just got my character boosted through 9/9 gold challenge modes. Everything was exactly as planned, the run was completed in just under 3 hrs as I expected reading from other feedback. Very positive experience overall. Thanks!


They did an amazing and quick job for me. Would recommend to others, and I will more than likely use this service again.




Greatest service

Very nice contact, quick and professional Group ,

NOW my Challenge mode Gold is Done with this service


tomorrow my other service started ( Achievements Raid )

This is wonderful characteristic and fantastic service

wish you luck


Ordered from these guys a few days. Total time on skype was maybe 5 mins of setting up times and prices if that. Quick and painless. They got set up in the 15 mins they said they needed before the run and we were on our way to full clears. We got golds in maybe 2 hours 15 mins. Super fast. These guys are great would and will buy from them again.


Amazing group with equally amazing service, my tot run finished within 2 hours without any issues, highly recommended


Bought ToeS HC boost just now they told me its going to take 2 hours, it took 30 mins! These guys are pro!


Just finished my run. Great seller. Will recommend to friends!


Finished my run a little while ago and it was a good experience. Good communication and was able to watch via a stream. Would highly recommend


These guys are awesome! Fast and smooth runs and they stream it all for you. They are very professional and a 10/10 in my books in terms of how awesome their service and execution is. So glad I could finally get my challenge modes completed :3


Hired these guys to do the Wrathion Kill for me on my rogue, was a fight they hadn't done before and in the end they got it for me. Definitely very pleased with them and highly suggest you contact them for any need even if it's not one of the advertised ones.


Bought ToT run today was fast and smooth this is my 4th purchase they never let you down my previous orders were 2 Gold Challenge modes 1 ToeS HC 2 ToT normal and am more than satisfied and definitely will buy again. Keep up the good work and this great service its rare these days.


Great service! 9/9 CM Gold completed in about 3 hours. Answered all questions I had. Kept me informed at all times. 10/10 Would order from again.


bought 9/9 challenge mode, done in a few hours quick & clean


Just did a full Challenge Mode Gold run with these Guys! AMAAAAAZING! +10 internets for these fellas!


Very professional, fast, communicative and friendly service.

Vouch for them big time!


Finished the DS and Cata glory boosts today.


It all went smooth without any problems. These guys are very polite and professional


I just purchased 9/9 CM run US horde side with this guys, the runs were fast, and I watched the bits from stream. The team was professional in all aspects (even asked me if they could fix my resto set up). I will definitely order from them again in the future!


Yesterday i bought a boost from these guys. I really liked the reviews of their service and wanted to try since i really needed the set for xmog.

Everything went smooth and steady. I was quite confident in this service so i just made sure they logged on my account without problems and went to sleep.

Just checked my account in morning and got everything i paid for. Amazing service - 5/5.


I bought 9/9 gold challanger run with these guys! they were swift even with breaks, and they answered any questions i had about the boost without fail thanks for my new transmog and mount guys you are awesome


I cannot recommend these guys highly enough!


I was very suspicious, and I thought all the feedback was made up, so I contacted luney just to see what the score was. He (or she), was very professional and polite, answered all my questions, arrange a time and date, and told me how things will go. If I am honest, I did not believe what I was being told as it sounded too good to be true.


The day came, luney contacted me 1 hour before the agreed time, told me the plan of action....and after 1 hour later.... everything was done just as luney as described. These guys are so well organized, no waiting around, everyone was where they said they were going to be, I even swapped characters many times in between bosses and was always summoned quickly.


Honestly, these guys are the real deal. Already planning my next runs with them. If you guys have any doubts, contact me and i'll vouch for these guys, 100% genuine. Good luck guys, I really hope this service takes off and you get more customers, really nice guys.


Bought Cataclysm Hero Glory achivment. Fast and good, only 1,5h, cheap too! 100% trusted. Recomended!


Very Professional A++ Service and watching the live stream was pretty dam kool ! Definantly will come back for future services!


Just finished my run for Glory of the Firelands to get my corrupted Firehawk and was complete in great time just under an hour, highly recommend and hope to use again soon :)


I just purchased a 9/9 Gold CM for $289.99 - It went fast and smooth - Estimated time was 2-3 hours but it was complete in 2 hours exactly! These guys are definitely 100% Trustworthy and worth the value of your money. Thanks again for the 9/9!


I bought the 2nd boost yesterday, everything was perfect as usually


Purchased a 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode boost.


Excellent service, completed very quickly.


Professional service. definitely recommend this group for any of the services they provide.


Thanks a lot!


Bought a challenge mode boost from these guys today everything went smooth even the planning and everything, Great job guys keep up the good work


Bought a piloted normal run, they slotted me in real quick and the whole run was fast and safe. They are 100% legit, will return for more services.


Bought Glory of the Cataclysm Raider, fast as always , 100% trustworth


Bought a Herald of the Titans run, and it was completed in 15 mins! Quick and easy. Awesome job as always!


Keep up the good work!


HUGE Rep to these guys. Here's a little review for those on the fence about this service:


After searching for challenge mode threads for about an hour, I finally came across this thread and spoke with luneyy on Skype. I was very concerned at first by the price they charged for the service, as I've seen other sites sell this service for much cheaper. HOWEVER, you get what you pay for. These guys are extremely professional. These guys did a full 9/9 completion for me in just a little over 3 hours. They logged on my account and played my undergeared character for me. They even went the extra step and streamed all the dungeons from my character so I was informed 100% of the way on their progress. I recommend this service to ANYONE looking for a legit and safe service. I plan on using these guys many more times in the future, I was thoroughly impressed.


just finished! Great service. Easy to deal with, fast, hard working, A+


Just had this service performed! A+ and highly recommended!


I can confirm that this guy is trusted :)


So ich habe nun 9/9 in Auftrag gegeben. Ich kann sie einzeln nacheinander zahlen, was ich sehr gut finde. Bisher 100% trusted und ein sehr netter Kollege . Ich werde updaten wenn es fertig ist.


Right now i want 9/9 from them (gold). I can pay them one by one. Very nice service until now and he is very friendly. Im going to update this after the service is finished. 100% trusted!


/UPDATE: Innerhalb 2,5std 7 goldruns gemacht. Sieht sehr gut aus.


Sind grad am boosten von meinem Priest, nach 1.5 Std schon 6x Gold. Berichte ausführlicher wenn sie fertig sind


So sie sind fertig, 9/9 Gold innerhalb von ziemlich genau 2 1/2 stunden.

konnte alles über seinen stream mitverfolgen.


100% trusted, die leute sind echt ihr geld wert


Just handed over my rogue for full challenge mode gold. Should start at 15:00, I'm pretty excited.


lunney seems to be a pretty nice guy (we're chatting via skype) and I'm sure, that he'll be doing just fine. I'll update this post later, letting you guys know what has been happening.


/e: Update - 15:15 till 17:26 and 8 gold medals so far ... keep it up




=> 17:50 - **** yeah, 9x gold!


Moin zusammen,


hab mir gestern das Challenge Mode paket gegönnt und muss sagen das das alles wirklich sehr nette und kompetente Leute sind,die alles ihr Geld auf jeden Cent wert sind.Haben gleich losgelegt und und stramm durchgezogen.Haben alles in allem bischen mehr als 3 Stunden gebraucht.kurz und knapp: Sind nur zu empfehlen und würde den Service jederzeit wieder in Anspruch nehmen. 10/10!!


Ich war erst skeptisch, was diesen Dienst angeht, muss aber sagen, dass es ohne Probleme ging und ich es wieder machen würde. Ich habe mir das komplette CM-Goldpaket gekauft. Es wurde mir immer mitgeteilt, wie der Stand der Dinge ist und auf Fragen wurde schnell eingegangen.


Ich kann den Service nur empfehlen!


Gruß faxe123


Also ich kann diese Jungs nur empfehlen. Habe den Service jetzt schon mehrmals genutzt, einfach großartig.

Professionelles Team, superschnelle Bearbeitung und keine Beanstandungen.

Best service ever


Best Push Ever - 9/9 Gold in 2 1/2h on Top Prices!


Love you Guys - best livestream - best dmg - best support!


Thanks, ill buy the next push next month


Top Service. All Done!


Wiedermal sehr schnell (9/9 gold) und bin 100% zufrieden. Billigste Preise ++ Stream ++ sehr netter Kontakt! Für alle die Challange Modes brauchen sind hier an der richtigen Adresse!

100% trusted


Also nun zu meinem Boost!


Erst hatte ich auch meine bedenken mit so Boost´s, ob die sicher sind Geld/Account mäsig etc.


Ich kann nur sagen TOP!


Es ist wirklich alles so wie beschrieben!


Der Support ist sehr nett und professinell!


Ich habe Glory of the Firlandsraiders und 9/9 Challenge Mode Gold in Auftrag gegeben.


Mein Account wurde von Ihnen gespielt, da ich Nachtschicht hatte.


Um 23:59 haben Sie gleich nach ID´reset angefangen und um 6:00 als ich von der Arbeit kam waren Sie schon mit allem fertig, da sag ich nur OVER NIGHT EXPRESS


Beim Feurlande run haben mir nur noch 4 nhc Erfolge gefehlt, da habe ich dann etwas weniger als die hälfte bezahlt, also am Preis lässt ich bei denen auch was machen.


Also die Leute sind echt weiter zu empfehlen!




Taken service today, was lucky for direct start and yeah


Was awesome to watch the stream Enjoy it


(CM 9/9)


The best service i have ever had=) Thumps up 4 this guys=) The goldruns are so fast ready =)


Fantastic 9/9 CM Boost!

Faster than light, very professional, nice communication, good stream!

Choosing these guys for my next boost 100% sure!


grade gekauft preis super ging alles problem los support war auch top !


Buyed 9/9 gold cm very cheap and awesome boost 100% trusted


Excelent service ... absolutely perfect ! Thanx for the CM Gold Boost ...


I Bought a 9/9 Gold boost everything was done quick and professional top support through livestream/skype 110% thrusted
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