[Episode 4.5] Shaiya Divine

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Shaiya Divine is officially open. Please feel free to come and join us for some classic EP4.5!


Shaiya Divine is and will remain a low rate grind/farm server.


Current Server Information


  • x10 EXP, x10 Gold Rate, x1 KILL
  • Max Lv60, Max Stat Lapis LV6
  • Max Elemental Lapis Lv2
  • Max Linking Chance is 50%
  • NO Debuff Lapis
  • Automatic Continuous Resurrection Rune, Prevent Item of Drop, Increase Gold Drop and Eternal Endurance
  • Public Boss Timers
  • Enhanced recreation system at blacksmith
  • Enhanced enchantment system at blacksmith
  • Instant mount cast
  • Cross faction trade available in Auction House
  • Buy Divine Points through Gold
  • Enhanced Server and Account Security
  • Consistent update to enhance the gameplay


Note : There is many more features and adjustments on the server to discover ingame !


For more information please refer to our Server Information page : Shaiya Divine - General Infos


Some Important Links :



We hope to find you in game!

Have a good day,


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