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[TOOL] crysearch memory scanner v1.06

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Voila j'ai trouver un petit scanner sympa qui permet de faire plusieurs petit truc sympa ;)

Je vous laisse checker.





Accessing processes remotely, also system processes when running as Administrator;


Memory scanning for primitive types, strings and byte sequences;


Filtering scan results (a.k.a. Next scan);


Creating, saving and reusing address tables containing scan results.


Changing values at memory addresses and freeze them;


Viewing PE (Portable Executable) information about the opened process;


Viewing and dumping sections;


Viewing threads, change priority, suspend, resume and create threads remotely;


Viewing, injecting, ejecting, dumping and hiding modules, and restore PE headers from a file on the disk;


Allocating memory blocks remotely;


Generating code snippets from address tables;


Hotkeys to automate actions that do not require user input;


Viewing import address table of loaded process;


Settings hooks on the IAT of a process and restoring export addresses;


Viewing PEB and TEB's for loaded process and its threads, including manipulation of certain associated information;


Disassembling executable pages in a process to provide memory view and program flow control;


Debugging executable code and data to find out what the flow of a program is.



PS: Un petite aide pour la traduction serait pas de refus :D et si utile , un petit j'aime fait toujours plaisir ;)

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