EU H/A BOOSTS les raids, les glories, Gold Challenges même 69.99€! Meilleur prix!

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Hello fellow players!

If you feel your character is no different from hundreds of thousands of others, want to stop being under-geared, obtain new

mounts and transmog gear that will allow you to be unique and relevant, you have come to the right place!


Our professional and trustworthy boosting group of experienced WoW raiders from top PvE guilds fears no challenges and is ready

to be put to the test - be it timed challenge mode dungeon runs, heroic raids, meta achievements or other custom boosts, we

guarantee 100% satisfaction to our customers.


Being players ourselves, we can also offer very competitive prices as there are no middlemen involved!


Boosts are available in EU and US regions, on both Alliance and the Horde as we strive to be the most diverse provider of WoW services.


E-mail :

Skype : MMOHeroes

Accepted methods of payment :

- Paypal

- Paypal donate (no account required, only a credit card)

- Skrill (old Moneybookers)

- Western Union


Every boost can be streamed in HD!

Offering PG boosts up to Endless Waves and [You're doing it Wrong] Feat depending on your class and available items.

To learn more

Full range of boosts done without any exploits including Rank10 kills can be negotiated depending on the ilvl and class of your character : ),

Feel free to if you want to learn more.

If you are lagging behind in damage or healing, die a lot while tanking or simply seek to optimize your character in order to use it to

its full potential, do not hesitate to !

We offer coaching sessions, gear check and optimization of almost every class and spec. Learn to play like the pros!

If you are interested in a boost that has not been listed be sure to anyway!

We provide almost every possible service, including the Warlock Green Fire quest boost as well as

Wrathion kill for the Legendary cloak quest and more!

Your opinions about our boosting service!


Had them boost my warrior, took them 2.2 hours ! , great and fast service. I recommend them to everyone !
I have used the raid service and cm on few times now . The people are very good and get the job done very quickly in time give . They stream everything so you can watch your toon in cm mode so safety is very good with boosts . price is ok for service they offer . will use again in t16
Just got Challenge Mode done on my Pally, smooth and painless with no hiccups. Also had them done 2x Proving Grounds as well. Excellent Service, wouldn't get it elsewhere!
Elite pvpers

I'd like to leave some feedback.
I contacted MMO Heroes at 14:02 today, and they responded 15:48, which is kinda fast. I had added several other providers and had hopes that one of them would be able to respond quickly and do the run as fast as humanly possible.

MMO Heroes did not disappoint.

By 16:05 we had come to an agreement, and they started doing the runs after setting up my action bars and changing some of the talents. They live streamed the entire thing, so I could sit back and be assured that nothing on my account would be stolen or destroyed.

By 18:57 all of the 9 challenge modes were completed on Gold, and with lots of time to spare. That is nothing short of impressive.

All in all I am very pleased with the price of the service as well as the fact that I could still have my authenticator attached to my account.

As for customer service and professionalism - they were very polite and nice, and answered any questions and requests I had during the run.

Would I recommend them to anyone else? You bet!
Heute angefragt zwecks boost , und was kann ich sagen !? Super preis , schnell und sauber .Kann ich weiter empfehlen.

A++ Performance on Proving Grounds Boost! Highly Recommended!

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